6701 Weaversville Road
Northampton, Pa 18067
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About Us

The First Regional Compost Authority is open to commercial businesses and residents to drop-off brush, wood, wood chips, leaves and grass clippings (certain rules apply) at the Central Processing Center, 6701 Weaversville Road Northampton, Pennsylvania.

Currently, if you are a Resident from any of the following Municipalities: Allen Township, Bath Borough, Bushkill Township, East Allen Township, Lehigh Township, Lower Nazareth Township, Moore Township, Northampton Borough, you can drop off your yard waste at our facility.

The First Regional Compost Authority is governed by 5 Townships and was originally formed to recycle yard waste. As the Department of Environmental Protection requires certain Townships/Boroughs to recycle their yard waste, it is everybody's responsibility to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills. This is accomplished by assisting the Authority in dropping off brush, wood, wood chips and leaves to our facility for recycling the raw product into a finished product.

The First Regional Compost Authority invites your residential yard waste to be dropped off at our Center or have your commercial business participate in our recycling effort (commercial businesses are required to fill out a credit application prior to access to the drop- off center). This application, our rate schedule and any other information can be obtained by stopping at our facility, calling us (610-262-1000 during our business hours.).

Mission Statement

The First Regional Compost Authority was founded to provide a centralized area within Northampton County to facilitate the practice of recycling yard waste and brush for those municipalities who wish to participate in such a program and to provide mulch and compost to the residents of those municipalities participating in the Authority's Program. This project is based on the following goals:

  • Promote environmentally acceptable recycling and composting in the public and private sector.
  • Provide information to the public through local government sources and to assist in the advancement of recycling through education.
  • Utilize recycling and composting practices to produce quality compost and mulch while adhering to current industry standards.
  • Join together individuals, businesses and government agency representatives to facilitate the exchange of information relating to the production and use of compost and mulch.
  • Strive to comply with the regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and specifically pursue compliance with the goals and regulations of Section 902 of the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act, ACT 101 of July 28, 1988.